Privacy Policy for Sell Your Junk Car Missouri

Welcome to Sell Your Junk Car Missouri’s privacy policy. This policy outlines the reasons and ways in which we may track or collect personal information from you during your visit. You’ll also learn how it’s used, the control you have over the data, and how to send us your questions or concerns.

How We Collect Personal Information And Why

The main reason we collect personal information from you is provide you with the best experience possible. This information comes in a variety of forms, with some being collected from your direct input and others being pulled from our systems. The Personally Identifiable Information we’ll collect includes your name, current address, phone number, social media accounts, and other contact details. These are all provided by you. This information is used to establish accounts, deliver our products and services to you, fix your account problems, and make meaningful changes to our services so that we can improve our business.

Cookies and IP addresses may also be collected. These types of information give us advanced methods of customizing your experience, such as storing your login information through cookies to provide you with easy account access. These details may be aggregated and generalized; meaning there’s no way a cookie could be tracked back to you. We’re constantly analyzing the ways that people use our site and how often they do so that we can improve the overall user experience.

We Collaborate With Partners

Sell Your Junk Car Missouri has collaborated with a variety of professional partners in the industry to help bring even more value to your experience. We do this by linking to other websites on our own pages. Keep in mind that we have no control over your data once you leave our site and we will never share your data with our partners without your permission. It is in your best interest to review the privacy policies of any partner site you visit so that you can be informed about the usage of your data.

You Can Always Opt Out

We understand that you may change your mind about our access to your data, so we give you the choice to opt out at any time. Even if you’ve allowed us access in the past. We’ve worked hard to make this process as simple as possible. Simply contact us with your request and we will promptly unsubscribe you from our services.

Privacy Policy Updates

Over time, we will need to make changes to this policy to reflect updates to our technology. At Sell Your Junk Car Missouri, we reserve the right to implement these changes without notifying you beforehand. If you’d like to always be informed about policy updates, be sure to check our home page regularly. This is where we’ll make posts or provide links to our policy updates.

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